perfect the process


perfect the process

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come”

-Eric Thomas (B.1964)

(American football player and motivational speaker)

This universe operates with order and processes. It’s amazing to dig deep and mine the source of harmony and coexistence on earth – the term “order”. Void of order in most systems is the ultimate source of chaos and violence and loss of life, well, at the larger part.

Throughout my teenage years, I had an obsession to nail down the fundamental aspects which ensured that aircrafts made it safe and sound to their ultimate destination. This obsession mushroomed and on the year 2011 when I was a freshman I decided to solve this puzzle. I had a brief stop over at Wilson Airport and coincidentally met with Captain Nancy Gituanja, who later lost her life a year later on Saitoti’s plane crash on June 10, 2012.

I asked her what exactly makes an aircraft so successful to  supersede even hurricanes and whirlwinds and make it safely to its ultimate destination. She said,You need to adhere to a flight process“. She expounded that this process encompasses three fundamental steps.

She said, and I quote, “No aircraft leaves the ground until the tower knows the destination of the flight…therefore as a pilot you must decide your destination before your aircraft takes off”. Again, “you must file a flight plan with a clear, detailed flight map highlighting the route(s) that you’re going to take before you leave the ground”.

The third critical aspect is that you must monitor your flight with the plan, with a constant communication with the tower, She said.

“Why are the three steps necessary?”, I asked. She was running out of time, but I stood my ground to mine the wealth of knowledge she had.

Nancy seemed to reflect, then said, “any given minute around you in a 5-mile radius, there can be a thousand aircrafts. You can’t see them…but they are in different levels all around you..and the tower sees all of them. The tower knows where you are. The challenge is, you don’t know where you are in the whole aviation system of the aircrafts. So, you have to depend on the tower, and everything they tell you to do you must do because they know where the other aircrafts are. You cannot see the other crafts, but the tower knows the total picture”.

This insight is an incredible eye opener that to reach our ultimate destiny we need a plan and strictly stick through the process. A key question here is, have you filed a flight plan to take you to a certain level in life? Do you know your ultimate goal and how you plan to do it? Are you still obedient to the process so as to craft your masterpiece product?

How often have we skipped queues in banking halls and other places simply to reach out to the product?

And often skipping some elements of the process spells disaster later 😦 😦

If we need excellent results, we need to focus on the process and commit our entire being into perfecting it, and then we can be guaranteed of a masterpiece product. We need to eliminate our anxieties and how much we care about the results and focus obsessively on the process, not the outcomes. Focusing on the process in this context means showing up more often and execute chunks of the workload at our disposal.

It’s  without doubt that when we perfect the process and put on the workload required, we’ll finally reap the results -which are the by-products of our actions.

As I wind up, here is a quick recap of the basic tenets that are paramount to aid you in this concept:

  1. If you need excellent results, always be process oriented.
  2. The results are simply the by-products of the actions you take.
  3. Your desired goal is achievable if you’re willing to pay the price.
  4. There’s absolutely no one else to do the push-ups for you, therefore take 100% responsibility. 

Charge towards your dreams today and simply focus on the process, not the product.

Question: What other suggestions would you have for someone who wants to craft a masterpiece product? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below


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