Choices vs crisis


Choices vs crisis

 “You are not born a winner…

You are not born a loser…

You are born a chooser…”


Our lives are shaped by two fundamental forces- crisis or choices.  Fulfillment of your destiny and prime aspirations at your heart at this moment in time largely depend on what you do now. Your destiny is ultimately shaped by yourself, by the choices and decisions you make or fail to make – day by day.

When I was a freshman, I had two close friends, Jimmy, and Joyce. Jimmy was a law student while Joyce pursued biochemistry. Jimmy embraced a flamboyant lifestyle. He could embrace a week by attending birthday parties and having fun in town. Partying was his order of the day. This would be coupled by swimming, shopping and hitting on the next “hot catch” as he called it. He was, and he still is a movie maniac. Then exams would finally scream around the bend. These were his worst days. He would recount many days he wasted on useless ventures, grief and regrets written all over his face.

This went on. Days, months and years passed…and soon we were all heading for the third year at the university. It was a thrilling moment on my part since I yearned to learn more and nail more concepts to equip me with the information I needed to pursue my profession, or so I thought. This was the most nerve wrecking phase for Jimmy having received the final warning letter concerning his performance. He left school. I encouraged him and affirmed that he still had a chance to factor out what matters and keep going.

Jimmy went to live with his cousin at Westlands, Nairobi. He merged into a small business of selling wares. This could at least afford him few drinks over the weekend, and he was happier, or so he said. Few months later, Jimmy was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital and was diagnosed with lung cancer. His hyper-smoking habit had ruined his health and was baying for his young blood. He called me and requested i come over to Kenyatta Hospital and come along with my bible and any motivational talks I had.

I went to visit him few days later after he was admitted. We had a brief chat, and i encouraged him to believe God for healing and restoration. Before I left, I asked him one question, “Jimmy are willing to change your lifestyle?” He didn’t even wait for me to wind up my question; he said, “Look, I wanna live…I want life! Therefore, I am going to stop smoking, and I’ll commence exercising…”

This sank deep into me. He went through the chemotherapy treatment and he’s now living a healthier life. He resumed studies later at Daystar university, and his grades are painting excellence all over his skies. My question is, why does it have to take a crisis for you to change your course?

Don’t let crisis make you change your course, let your choices change your course in life. Decide that you’re going to be a better person, that you’ll live more effectively…that you’ll use your time more wisely..that you’ll change the course of how you use your life.

We’ve all experienced similar scenarios. A pal, colleague or a relative falls sick, and all over sudden they need all the gospel tapes… “send me some bible verses…bring my bible when you come…”

And deeper are the prayers they make 🙂 🙂

 “LORD I need your healing…when I come out of here i’ll go straight to prayer meeting God!”

Why not hit the gym and exercise then attend the prayer sessions without a crisis? Lets be honest with ourselves and let our choices change our course in life.

The best news of all times is that your destiny is determined by your decisions and choices! That means you can always alter your course in life depending on your plans.

How many plans did you make at the start of this year, you made some resolutions, you got them on paper,you printed them up, they are on your computer and perhaps you haven’t done any of them!

You know Why? 

The reason is that even though you set your course, you didn’t make the choices that were to keep you on the course. Making a plan is NOT a guarantee that you gonna succeed, it’s the choices and decisions that keep you on the course that will determine your destiny!

Here is a question, do you know what course you are on? This sounds so frightening to me. We all know the course we are on! Everyone reading this post, i know that you know the course you are on, you know exactly whats you’re doing!

  • If you’re beginning to smoke, you know your course is cancer!
  • If you’re casually sipping your beer, you know that if you don’t change your course you will end up being alcoholic…
  • You feel that pain…you know it’s time to exercise, but then you’ve 500 excuses why you wouldn’t, you’ve chosen your course!
  • If you keep going to work late and making your boss mad, you know your future 😉

My question is, are you still willing stay on that course? Are you willing to reprogram your life and let your personal decisions mold you into the person you need to become? Lucky enough, this still remains a choice to make.

As I wind up, here is a quick recap on the basic tenets why taking control over your choices is extremely critical:

  1. Our lives are shaped by two fundamental forces- crisis or choices.
  2.  Fulfillment of your destiny and prime aspirations at your heart at this moment in time largely depend on what you do now.
  3. Your destiny is ultimately shaped by yourself, by the choices and decisions you make or fail to make – day by day.
  4. Its more paramount to control what happens than let crisis shape our destiny.
  5. Your choices determine the course in life that you’re on.
  6. Your destiny decides your course in life.

Its time, to choose and choose wisely 🙂

Question: What other suggestions would you have for someone who wants to become more optimized, fine tune their choices and ultimately be more productive? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below


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