phone call from God


phone call from God

It’s ten minutes past nine,

I’m preoccupied with this dream of mine,

Furnished with glamour,

It’s epic supersedes the Suez of Panama,

I’ve seen vast champions charge and do it,

And i’m convinced that I too can nail it,

But there’s always another day,

This is all I can say,

Many days have gone down the bridge,

Like an army held under siege,

Time is present anyhow,

I will still do this somehow,

It’s now fifteen years down the line,

I walk with cheerful face like all is fine,

Holding this dream in my heart,

Comfort zone has been my hat,

Frozen afternoon Sundays,

Have forced me to light up the lanterns,

I’ve seen many nights as these approaching,

As I rest in my room soul searching,

Sometimes I peep at the window,

Semi-dark nights but I still don’t light up the candles,

I can see a whirlwind vanishing on the east,

And small clouds gather like a mist,

It’s a new day yet gone and deep warm sunset rays  permeate my skin,

Procrastinating on this dream feels like a deliberate sin,

But what exactly i’m I waiting for?

Should I commit myself when I hit forty or so?

It’s now two years times seven,

And i’m still waiting for a phone call from heaven,

If this sounds like your life i’m sorry,

Let’s confide and sort out this story,

Each morning you yearn victory, you say it’s calling,

Just for a moment to make history flowing,

Victory- well, this life tried to keep us apart,

Some days back you even drove me insane but,

You keep calling me back to your heart,

Victory I know you,

When you keep evading me I will sue you,

But victory you’re owned by all of us,

All stretched from here to beyond planet Mars,

Some of us feel and think that you’re owned by the chosen few,

But to me it doesn’t matter whether you’re old or new,

Yeah, victory now you’ve got a roommate,

And i’m also coming along with my schoolmate,

I heard sometime back that you fear vast crowds,

And frantic moves that make weird sounds,

I’m still unmoved- call me when there’s no one there,

Put the key under the mat and i’ll be over there,

I know you look astonishing and so cowards will never dare,

To look at you – victory- or even stare,

Until they hit ninety seven,

Still waiting for a phone call from heaven.


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Question: Do you have fundamental objectives that you’ve been procrastinating on and kinda waiting for a phone call from heaven to commence on? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below




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