I've seen it all

I’ve Seen It All 


I've seen it all

Photo courtesy: flyingsquirrelsports.ca


I’ve seen it All, I have seen arrogant kings,

Arresting and executing innocent twins,

And their malice extending all over to the masses void of sins,

I’ve seen it All, I have seen trees which sway with branched twigs,

And birds that fly with broken wings,

And poppers rise to influential kings,

I’ve seen it All, I’ve seen it All,

I’ve seen best friends transform to worst foes,

And jiggers infest and deteriorate healthy toes,

And amateur celebrities transcend to their best versions- who knows?

I’ve seen it All, I have seen the depreciation of the dollar,

And the introduction of vast machines solely relying on the solar,

And in social media Lenna suddenly renames herself as Norah,

I’ve seen it All, I’ve seen it All,

I’ve seen tragic industrial actions,

Yes, worse off than foreign financial sanctions!

Vehemently baying for young blood of the nations,

I’ve seen it all, Yes, I’ve seen revolutions come up,

And awesome relationships break up,

And drug barons gang up,

I’ve seen it All, I’ve seen it All,

I have seen beautiful movies such as the Lord of the Rings,

And prisoners escaping from cracked up dungeon rings,

And million fans applaud as Beyonce Knowles sings,

I’ve seen it All, Yes – I’ve also seen happy spouses strolling all over the Miami beach,

And close friends suddenly vanish out of reach,

And buffaloes break loose out of their normal niche,

I’ve seen it All, I’ve seen the society come up with funny fairy tales,

Making comparison on the Forbes of who makes the sales,

And naming of the grafted kales,

I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen it All,

I have seen passions sprout up to simply visit the part and take photo shoots of the deers,

Advanced technologies of self automating gears,

And self proclaimed seers,

I’ve seen it all, I have seen loved ones lowered six feet deep,

And we all turn up charged up with grief and weep,

And their memories take a back seat – hard to keep,

I have seen masquerading lot linger around,

But soon stretch their long paws and bite my trust when no one is around,

And numb my courage when they surround,

I’ve seen it All, I have seen historical cascades,

And all those vague election promises nonsense,

All in the name of securing flashy lifestyles and residence,

I’ve seen it All, I’ve seen it all,

I have seen 9 month old beautiful infants finally born,

And their navy undersized garments finally torn,

And soon heavy chains and earrings bought and worn,

I’ve seen it All, but there is more to life!


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