Choices vs Crisis II


Choices vs Crisis II

“It is our actions in the light of our choices that define us best”

-CERI LONDON (Best Selling Author)

Three weeks had gone down the bridge. The semester had just commenced…and for most of us, Judith and I inclusive, this phase was akin to seedlings acclimatizing to a different ecological Zones. The vantage point of having 110% liberty was both thrilling and incredible. Days seemed to elapse pretty fast and calm serene Friday evenings was everyone’s crave, well…not for Judith and I. Then one Friday something strange happened.

The day was humid and clement with filtered sunshine as dark grey cumulus clouds covering the navy blue sky and blocking the warm rays of the sun smoothly overshadowed the mild aura. A perfect aura for meditation and reflection as I sat in my reading room with hot cocoa, cheese and a great book.

“Morning Vincent…I would like to sincerely pass my regards for your guidance and exceptional nuggets of wisdom that largely gave insights and shed light in my core goals for the past few days…and yes i got the Interuniversity transfer  letter!” A text message popped up as my phone hummed. Judith had made it. She had an innate passion to pursue Medicine and Surgery since when she was 12 years, or so she said. She had fallen in love with her passion, well..until one day a Bachelor of Biochemistry  course admission letter landed her desk. Judith relocated to Eldoret and within three business days she had commenced tracking her passion at Moi University.She called me few weeks later, “It’s all fun here Vincent! I can’t wait to nail the concepts…all the best as you pursue your path…”

Could you be in the midst of cracking a serial code on a tough decision right now? Sometimes we’re so afraid to make a decision since we’re so nerved by the impending repercussions. One facet we fail to note is that waiting makes us a victim…and hoping void of action makes us prisoners. 

I’ve met vast university and college friends years later who pursued careers they were forced to endure by their parents. “I’ve had dreams all along at heart, that Kevin* (Name withheld) must pursue law and transcend to a position of influence akin to likes of Paul Muite.” One parent once confided. That sounds familiar to vast life stories we seem to tell. The secret to win this battle is to know your purpose in life. Your purpose shields you from “good things” at the expense of “right things”. Biochemistry course is quite a remarkable monumental degree, but Judith opted to pick on Medicine since Biochemistry wasn’t “right” for her.

The sole objective of making personal choices is to restore our power back. Making choices gives you the feeling that you are in the driver’s seat, that you have your hands on the wheel. Your  decisions and choices make you feel that your life is going in the direction you want it to go.

Have you dispensed your power of choice to your world- those around you? Do you simply react instead of  responding to what happens? Do you simply pick what the whirlwind sends your way? Answers to these questions are pointers to your vantage point in life today.

As my philosophical phrase goes,purpose is tied to plan“. Have you made a flight plan to land you to the choices and the future you dream of? Wherefore be ye not foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is (AMP) cautions Paul in Ephesians 5:17. In other words, find out God’s will for your life so that you may stop wasting your time,energy, gifts, talents and your beautiful, awesome presence on the wrong people, projects and plans. Your core purpose on earth should dictate your choices.

My pal Judith always asserts that Gods time is the best time, but even today can be God’s time 🙂

Take control today. Restore your personal power of choice back to your life knowing so well that those choices you pick today define the person you’ll transcend to…and that will make all the difference!

A quick recap on the 8 basic tenets why you need to take control over your choices include:

  1. Your destiny is largely determined by your choices and decisions.
  2. Your overall aspired achievements are largely depended on what you do today.
  3. You are where you stand today as a result of the choices you’ve made in the past, good or bad.
  4. To shape up your desired future you can made new choices and stand on a pillar of new decisions today.
  5. The more you extend the delay period in making new choices you need to, may evade opportunities to push you forward and ultimately imprison your destiny.
  6. Making choices gives you the feeling that you are in the driver’s seat, that you have your hands on the wheel.
  7. You are responsible for everything that happens in your life and only you can make these choices and run your life.
  8. The time to take control is the moment at hand- Today!

Question: What other suggestions would you have for someone who wants to become more optimized, fine tune their choices and ultimately be more productive? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below


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