Epic celebrating graduates

Epic celebrating graduates

It all begins in the beginning,

Yes, launching a success camp at the roots of our thinking,

Unfolding from the noisy riveting glares,

 And flipping off the past regrets and neglected cares,

Cut off the tapes of self loathe,

And embrace your self worth,

Sign me up for this!

I’m all at ease,

Self actualization at it’s finest akin to a golden crystal,

Am launching the next excellence manifesto..

Craft a plan and pen down your dreams,

Add a note or two of the equivalence fundamental layout schemes,

And give meaning to your unused time,

Since your past is gone and not even worth a dime,

Everything that happens should be associated with where you’re heading in life,

Yeah, inclusive of your words, thoughts and strife,

Follow my thoughts to the eBay book store,

And let’s sign up for the excellence manifesto!

Depression, anxiety and cloudless purpose comes to a screeching halt,

When you learn to trust your “still small voice” more than your brewing malt,

Jesus Christ did so much in 3 years it embarrasses us,

His ministry lasted only three years and that’s all he had to save us,

Jesus Christ died at the age of 33 years,how old are you?

Huh, still at 20 and yet depressed wondering how to nail this blue?

Helen Keller was born blind, dump and deaf,

Wrote best selling Nobel prize winning poetry coupled with being astounding chef,

She was interviewed at 80 and asked what was worse than her condition,

What surpassed cognition and ambition,

She said having eyes but void of vision,

Every new day allows us to review,renew, revise and refocus our course,

Every moment we can always reconnect with our source,

I know of pals who spend their days in base houses for weeks,

They sniff their drugs all the way until it peaks,

And their wild self speaks,

They love it that way,

Till the skies turn grey,

They can spend months in there,

Dining and wining as they tap their snare,

Their days go by,

Like a sweet dream hosted by a beautiful lullaby,

Each day the drill rolls and depression sets in like a hurricane door,

And still hoping to launch an excellence manifesto,

Still searching for the most famous healer,

Not knowing that the habit that control their life is the time stealer,

God equates life with time,

Hence your time is your life,

Since what you do with your time – that’s your life!

That means anyone or anything that is consuming your time its simply consuming your life,

It’s time to freeze all this to a moment in time,

Digging deeper to unearth a jewel more precious than lime,

Lot’s of potential in store,

Let’s join up and sign up for the excellence manifesto!


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Question: What are the predicaments likely to befall anyone living with no excellence manifesto? When is the right time to craft a personal life manifesto for that matter? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below




  2. Hi Vincent,
    You are a forensic analyst?! How interesting. I have mock trials with my students and I raised my daughter reading 5 Minute Mysteries to her which were fun to figure out. While I never watched CSI (is that on where you live?) my family did.
    I love rhyming poems. Excellent job. Very timely considering many just graduated in the spring.
    I’m Janice from Mostly Blogging. Thank you for visiting my site today (still Friday in California). I’m glad you liked my guest author’s SEO post about the 8 backlinking mistakes. Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janice for the feedback. Much regards for stopping by and glad we’re re-connected! 🙂 . I am honored and look forward to seeing more on your site as well. I’m thrilled we’ll be optimizing together even more. Let’s do this!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Swamiyesudas 🙂 Thanks for checking in here and for leaving your kind insights. I’ll check on separating my future poetic posts into Stanzas for more legibility and credibility. I’m so thrilled and appreciative! I’ve checked on your blog and it’s awesome and I’ll be back to dig out more of your archives. Cheers! 😊👍

      Liked by 1 person

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