Hold on there don't give up


I have a serious question to ask you and I would like you to really think about it. Have you ever felt powerless? Does it seem that you’ve lost control of your life or does everything seem to be spiraling out of order or maybe does it seem like everyone else around you is successful or prosperous and just it hasn’t happened to you yet?

Hold on there don't give up

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Well, I want you to discover how to get the most out of every single day of your life. I want you to gain that confidence and control that you once had and I want you to be able to squeeze every hour out of every single day. I want you to know how it feels like to get out of bed every morning excited and energized and ready to take on your untapped -unclaimed potential. I know you may be asking, “Okay, calm down, how am I going to shake off that powerless feeling?”  

Perhaps you’ve reached a certain boiling point where nothing else matter to you. I promise you that you’ll have victory over this, when you get an understanding of your purpose. Purpose is the hidden seed of greatness and when you know your purpose, your life will ultimately have focus. I woke up today excited, in fact I wake up every single day thrilled and excited about the unfolding and fulfillment of my purpose. The most important nugget to pass on this is that you’re always closer than you know it…literally so close…don’t quit. All you need is to hold on in there. The magical trick is that holding on nurtures your confidence and develops toughness in you to keep going.

The other critical component linked to your purpose is an element called time. Time is a guarantee that nothing on earth will last forever. If you’ve lost your spouse in a ghastly road accident or otherwise or perhaps you’ve been laid off from your job, or experiencing any misfortune, I have a critical word and the best news of all times – it won’t last! Tough times don’t last but tough people do. The best approach is to learn how to convert poison to medicine. Well, have you read any good motivational stories lately? Have you watched any inspirational movie lately that left you at the edge of your seat? One aspect I discovered which is common in all these “best” movies or stories (read biographies…) is that they all have characters who underwent the worst challenges. These superstars simply learnt how to deploy these challenges to their advantage.

This concept reminds me of eagles. Eagles are the kings of the birds for having a clear sense of sight acuity but most importantly, they use hurricanes to ride higher and ultimately head faster to their destination.

Hold on there

An eagle cruising through hurricanes

Do you need to head faster to your dreams? The best way to start is to pen down all the “disastrous predicaments” in your life right now, pen down five ways or so alongside each predicament quoting how you can transform them to the best opportunities to reach your goal. It’s fascinating to know that challenges are actually blessings in disguise, all we need to do is to look long enough and spot the sparkling jewel in them. We need to look at challenges as opportunities and platforms for us to step into our power rather than an excuse to crawl into bed and pull the cover over our heads. 

In fact, the worst detrimental step is to think that if we avoid challenges, they’ll somehow coil to the corner and leave us alone 🙂 Evading challenges by somehow leaping to the next possible shortcut is a good sign that someone is creating a great deal of havoc that may brew much worse unhappiness in their future.

At times we often feel as if life is against us or as if we’re not in sync with everyone else. We hence commence complaining and pointing fingers. We then introduce the feeling of  low self esteem and that other people are smarter and better than us. They think that an occurrence implies that the outcome is automatic.

Let’s call it (Event = Outcome)

This simply means that because an event happened, that’s the reason for the outcome accrued. For instance, picking a line like “I was laid off from my job four years ago and that’s why i’m poor” or “You know, I married the worst spouse under heaven, they are ever grumbling and they never appreciate me.” Perhaps at this point you’re simply saying “that sounds like my life”, If that’s so, I  have a question for you, is it the event that led to your current condition or your response to that event is the core catalyst that gradually led you to where you are now?

My inclination is that the event was neutral but your response to it determined the outcome.

Let’s call it (Event + Response = Outcome)

Why do i say so? For instance, let’s say something “bad” happens, like say an accident or so that ends up breaking your left knee or ankle, there is always our interpretation (our perception to that event). If we perceive that to be bad, we’ll have a certain experience with that. We may forever quit school or our career basing our life progress to that single event. If we perceive it as an opportunity to become stronger and be better versions of ourselves, this will ultimately lead to a different set of experiences and emotional states.

This happens to me all the time with my close pals who are fighting their dragons too. They often quote how life is spiraling out of control and throwing all sorts of mayhem to their caskets. Mostly what I say to them and what I can say to you as well is this: “please don’t give up, I mean it’s just about to get good, you’re not that far away. I’m saying this because I’ve been there and I know not only how it feels but also how it tastes…you know, I’ve made all those mistakes, I’ve been discouraged too. But also I wanna say, please don’t quit, you’re so close, you’re closer than you think and it really won’t take many tweaks . You just need to hang in there.”

A quick recap on the fundamental tenets why you need to give it a next best shot is this:

  1. Time is a guarantee that nothing on earth will last forever and hence the phrase “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”
  2. Holding on nurtures your confidence and develops toughness in you to keep going.
  3. Eagles use hurricanes to ride higher and ultimately head faster to their destination. It’s time to embrace challenges and simply face life like an eagle.
  4. Challenges are simply blessings in disguise, all we need to do is to look long enough and spot the sparkling jewel in them.
  5. Evading challenges does not solve challenges but propels and cascades them.
  6. Occurrence of an event is not the reason of the outcomes, but your response(Event + Response = Outcome)
  7.  We should perceive challenges as opportunities to become stronger and be better versions of ourselves.
  8. You’re not that far away, please don’t quit!

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Question: Was there a time that you felt powerless and helpless that you almost quit but didn’t? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below




  2. You have a great life plan outlined. I might ask you to write my obituary but I won’t need it for a long time yet. I have lived for over 54 years, after a serious SCI. Stuff falling apart and not working right has been my strength.

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  3. Thank you Vincent. My name is Leland Olson. I didn’t have my blog site set up quite right I guess at WordPress. I did a little editing, added my name and added SCI life after my name. I enjoyed reading what you have written and have tried to live a lifestyle close to that most of my life. Staying active, having a cheerful attitude, finding humor in just about everything, my faith in the Lord is my real strength.
    I’ll try to keep up on reading at your blog. Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

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