open letter to my invisible friends


open letter to my invisible friends

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It’s an astounding moment in time that I would like to pen down this open letter to you. I will try to confine myself to the main aspects throbbing my heart to let you know these tenets, though I’ve vast aspects to whisper to your heart. But before then, have you noticed that we’re living in a pretty noisy world? Have you noticed the vast noisy glares from accelerating automobiles to the deafening aircraft pandemonium bombarding our attention every other moment? What could be the long term effects of such an unwelcome intrusion to our lives?

These are some of the vast questions and concerns which have clogged my conscience lately.

This may sound weird but I  surely need my silent space,

It’s an evolving world,

Revolution and evolution confusion is brewing up,

Looting has been customized,

New gadgets flowing in,

And more attractive technology widgets to install,

Wait, have you read the “Forbes”, “Business Week magazine” and the “Vanity Fair”?

I’ve three thousand recent movies I haven’t watched yet,

And my passion and dreams are screaming at me,

But still I need some silence,

To contemplate,

Or perhaps meditate,

Or could there be some magical herb out there?

To curtail all these distractions?

Or perhaps to simply cut them off the equation,

But all in all, I need some silence.

As above so below,

The heavens must be whispering flimsy invaluable counsel,

While we’re so distracted by our tweets,

And vast notifications, friends and family,

Yeah, I do concur-

That all these matter,

But all in all, I need some silence,

And here’s why:

I need to take this brief discussion to a different new level all together, friend. I have a serious question. If you had purchased a prime Ferrari automobile with clear specifications of the fundamental requirements recommended for it’s ultimate efficiency, would you furnish it with less quality oil and diesel products? Would you risk losing it’s lifetime robustness and speed by simply ignoring manufacturer’s instructions? You probably won’t.

Similarly, if you need to attain and maintain a healthy body, strict filtering of what is ingested in both your body and your entire being is not an exception. The worst bit is that we tend to ignore what roams around us. We also tend to overlook and generalize what we ingest, not only via our mouth but also via our senses right through to our consciousness. It’s time to embrace health at vast distinct dimensions. We need sensory health. Health gives us the zeal we need to move forward in our count down to success. The best news of all times is that it’s never too late to make a difference and we can always begin againThe better part of this assertion is that we operate not with instincts but with decisions.

There’s a lot of noise in our world today and if we need to reconnect with our higher selves, we need to ingest a “healthy diet”. It’s incredible to note that were not just consuming edible foods, we’re also consuming sensory foods, our volition and a collective consciousness of those around us – our world.

The sensory foods in reference are unbelievably ever here with us. Think of what you’ve consumed via your senses in the last 72 hours. Here is a quick cross check:

  1. Think of what you’ve consumed via your senses in the form of conversations with your friends, colleagues and family.
  2. Think of the movies you watched
  3. Think of the magazines you’ve read
  4. Think of games you’ve played
  5. Think of websites you’ve visited and T.V shows you might have watched

All these are sensory foods and we all need to be mindful that we’re consuming these “foods”. Now that you know what you’ve been consuming for years, weeks, months or few hours before this moment, make a quick reflection, check in and see if what you’ve been consuming is helping you by encouraging and nourishing your soul or it is simply draining you and innervating your soul.

I still recall movies I watched at a tender age of 11 years. I vividly recall not only the characters in those movies, but also the words they uttered and actions they executed. I know you too tend to think of these “sensory foods”  after a while, weeks, months and years later. It’s the subconscious self playing it’s role since your mind is chewing these sensory foods every single moment, whether you’re consciously aware of this or not.

To reconnect with your higher self and tap unto your ultimate potential, you need to take stock of your life and deliberately and consciously decide to consume more “healthier sensory foods”.

Because you need the toned body and vitality flowing through you, it’s pertinent to subdue what you ingest not only into your consciousness but also to your entire being as well…and Yes, you are what you eat!

This short article is actually not a reference point but a guide to allow you to exercise your freedom of choice.

There’s always a starting point in every matter under heaven, that’s an understatement 🙂 Today could be your turning point to a healthy noisy free world.

It’s time to take stock. Perhaps you may consider writing back to me in case you indeed need more guidance on this.  Take care and have the best of the times,


Vincent Wambua

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