happiness leeche

Photo courtesy: deviantart.com

It’s a warm breath,

I can sense it,

Right at my left ear,

A seething pain at my bruise that you’ve just tear,

You clog my eyes every morning with your nauseating moods,

And spoil my blissful Sunday noons,

You pinch my nose when I’m asleep,

And disarrange my study table as I peep,

What wrong did I commit to deserve this,

Last year on winter you scattered my thesis,

And said none of it will amount to anything,

I remember you did weird gimmicks on June or something,

You chased my spouse all year just to throw dust and sand to it,

I’m still watching,

I’m still weeping,

And many are the days we attend birthdays together,

And incredible ostentatious conferences which seem so glamorous that they could last forever,

We always weep when we lose a loved one,

You escort me to meditate and hike sometimes past midnight at one,


You hit my face when I least expect it,

You always do this all the time and place a sticker to cover it,

What wrong did I commit to deserve this – happiness leeche,

Yesterday at noon you threw my new iPad to the ocean,

And burnt my best suit,

And exclaimed how odd they look,

Pulling my album photos which I’m proudly captioned in them,

And threw them off the plane,

You love to see me weep,

Yet you claim to be my best friend,

What wrong did I commit to deserve this — happiness leeche,

I have learnt to live with you,

Everyone says I should cast you off my lane,

But I always linger,

Perhaps to scoop some honey,

Or some crested tainted money,

Ha! Thank God that I know you!

I know who you are,

The happiness leeche,

Always busy to seek,

And suck the best out of me,

You say this makes you “cool”,

Like a winter breeze in Miami beach,

All seated in your leather half-coat suit,

Holding a mild salmon and organic avenue juice in your right hand,

And a gun in your collar,

And placidly posing at the blazing solar,

I see you approaching my coach,

You then smile as wildly as you always do,

Today I bet I’m calling it the shots and I’ll deliberately sue,


That bullet has split my heart,

And a pool of blood is springing where I’ve just sat,

Energy is permeating away my brain waves,

I’m eyeing the heavens to the God who saves,

I’m writing this from heavens,

Death toll has risen to three  billion point seven,

You no longer live with us or with them,

You will forever live in the sea,

Yes, the sea of malice and hate,

Living all alone with no mate,

It’s all your world – happiness leeche,

But can I make a pledge?

Would you mind leave alone the human race?

Is it too deep to step?

Or too sweet to pave?

Happiness leeche,

I’m addressing you,

Perhaps we surrender the best ewe,

To quench your thirst,

But please leave us alone if you must,

We need some silence in here,

We need to dust off the ancient dead flies,

Roaming our caskets,

And the unidirectional insults piled up in our baskets,

And clean our cities from midnight cries,

And pause the deep sighs,

I can see that you now live in the caves,

And at dusk you’re riding the ocean waves,

I seek tranquility at the sea,

I seek restoration at the T.v screens not only for that we can see,

and feel,

But also what we can sense and feel,

I love my human race,

And I’m launching a peaceful demonstration from the heavens in case,

Yes, in case you missed this,

Happiness leeche.

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