robbed of money

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When you have money,

The whole world is yours,

Even the biggest office in the land,

Can never scare you,

From your adventures in life.

It is the fuel,

Which ignites your personality,

And the drive force,

Which keeps you on the move,

To any places or actions,

Of your instant imaginations.

It is the weapon,

More effective than the gun,

When you wage a war against your enemies;

You can starve millions

Of men, women and children,

You can even strangle the unborn

Once you have money;

It is the key to self-indulgence

Where you may eat! eat! eat!

So that your fat-burdened heart,

May cease any time,

And others envious of your pleasures,

May converge on your throat,

Once you have money.

It is the key to your heaven,

Where you can become a self-made god,

Who gives little gifts to the poor,

Not as much as they need,

But as much as you think they deserve,

And when in good cheer;

When your mood changes,

They may cry and starve to death,

For your self-made godliness,

Is one of your adventures in life,

Once you have money.

It is the curtain which opens the stage,

When community rises against community,

Friends grow into enemies,

Husbands and wives fight their way into divorce,

And trust becomes a dirty word

And nobody is human without money;

It is the chain—

Which ties your thoughts and feelings,

So that all you see and dream,

Is money.

My friend,

Why don’t we wage war

To conquer and overcome money

In our personal liberation?

(Everett Standa)

Question: Do you agree with the author that vast evils today have roots on money? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below 


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