archaeological dig


archaeological dig

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It’s a common emotional strategy,

It encompasses screening the past and we end up stuck in that melody,

Over-analyzing everything,

Trying to figure out the most imperative means that we landed to be kings,

In what we do now,

Yes- it’s life and it’s happening , so do we break the bow?

Save me the naughty looks,

And all the vast information you’ve mined from books,

It’s about chasing the reasons we do what we do today,

And not chipping in the effort of transforming this someday,

But if we spend all our time looking back,

And focusing our energies on what we lack,

That doesn’t mean that when we figure this out,

When we factor out the roots of the drought,

That this will change our lives,

Or fine tune our drives,

We need to screen, evaluate and alter what we do at the moment,

Yes – to forget about the omens,

Rather than going back to an archaeological dig,

Peak our tents and begin to sing,

We can always identify stuff that ain’t working,

Rather that spending our days smirking,

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