DISCLAIMER: Get ready for an emotional sprint. Take it easy, nothing personal. Enjoy!

tame that spying spirit

A man is peeping through the blinds with a magnifying glass.

Strange leaves and weeds inside my cage,

I’m not trying to be sensational or skeptical but I can always gauge,

And I can always sense,

Some flowers have been plucked off my garden,

And few stones piled up all over sudden,

You say you never saw that too? I beg your pardon,

But whatever goes beyond the limits,

Kindly tame that professional spying spirit.

Wait, my personal dairy is missing,

But when I ask you scold me and shout at me hissing,

That you know nothing of it,

Despite peeping you reading it,

For heavens sake I’m ain’t a criminal,

So why you this mystical,

Everything all around you is quizzical,

But I’ve learnt how t mind my business,

I never screen everything about your witless,

Or even bother myself with your indifference, slickness,stiffness or even your richness,

So why all the bother,

I know that your blood is hitting a 100 degrees or hotter,

But don’t worry I’ve gallons of water,

I can always repay all this with kindness,

Love is always priceless,

And henceforth springs joy and fondness which is timeless,

I could go on and on to a world with no limits,

But kindly tame that professional Spying Spirit.

Something must be damn wrong with my life,

That’s what you always say in a strife,

Then off you go to diffuse more rife,

And you often think I don’t know,

What you’ve just sow,

Or perhaps I’ve no idea what’s happening,

To backbite me ain’t fair and it’s saddening,

Why not confront me and i’ll unravel the stuff I’m battling,

Than wake up at the middle of the night,

When I least expected that you could bite,

Then Indulge me into some plight,

Then switch off the light,

It’s all fun to be a self made detective,

Then pose your opinions to everyone else to compare their perspective,

Irrespective of whether they’re subjective,

Do you believe that I’m skeptical

Or Irrational?

Am ain’t fanatical but I can assure you that nothing is fractional,

Everyone has their life to live,

But on that note I skip,

Or rather let me just sieve,

Do you have the courage to make a change in your own life first,

…before you try to make a change everywhere else?

I’m just amazed by the springing wells,

And the wild word that the night tells,

And the vast glittering shells,

All that with deafening bells,

Too many words that I could just say 5 words in a snippet,

And blow away the ticket,

I wouldn’t waste a day to just sit there and think of all this – not just a minute,

It’s all simple – Tame That professional  spying spirit!


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The floor is all yours, share your experiences and effective solutions to tame peeping toms 🙂 

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  1. Thanks Andysmerdon for the feedback! Much regards for stopping by and penning down incredible insights . I am honored and look forward to seeing more on your site as well. I have a YouTube channel (@Vincent Wambua) though I haven’t commenced uploading incredible stuff in store, thank’s again for the challenge, check there soon for the jewels 🙂 I’m thrilled we’ll be optimizing together even more. I’m humbled! Let’s keep optimizing and see you at the top! Let’s do this!! 🙂


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