Vincent Wambua smiling

Smiling all the way

Do you sometimes walk down the streets,

And all floating the waves in the sheets,

Is a blazing crazy music beats,

Happy families having a picnic by the roadside seats,

Every corner filled with smiling faces,

With everyone grinning like they’ve landed on earth from new places,

And embracing each other regardless of the races,

Others speeding with automobiles with distinct paces,

Then you wonder why on earth you’re still hanging on that endless chain of court cases,

And when you screen your past and present there seem to be none of God’s graces,

Or even traces,

Haha! I know why this is so,

Why you think your Life is one big blow,

You’re taking every bit of it extremely serious,

Or perhaps you’re just curious? 

One word I can send your path for free,

Yeah and which stings worse than a bee,

Is that all those happy faces you always see,

Are fighting dragons and piling tears flowing wildly in streams,


Nothing is ever as good as it seems,

Or as bad as it is deemed,

Nothing is ever so serious,

Or that baked or mysterious,

And as I always say,

At the beginning of everyday,

Any day can be great in every way,

But you may take it as you may,

Spend it on your coach whining as you lay,

Or embrace it and concur that it’s always okay,

And brace yourself as you chase,

This infinite loop of an amazing race,

Simply master and balance the pace,

And always brand a smile on your face 🙂 🙂


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Question: Do you concur that a simple smile is the best medicine?  And what more ways can we deploy to brighten our day? Share your answer on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn or add your comments below



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