a new experience with sirens

Blue lights and Siren

A reflection of my life as a toddler scares me to bits,

It unravels how I was afraid to tame my wits,

A siren hoots and I’m frozen to bits,

Nothing was worse than sirens,

My world would ran dry void of silence,

Inner resilience melts down and havoc breaks loose,

I would almost profuse,

And my confidence would significantly reduce,

Then I would think of all things going wrong in the world,

I still recall that hurting freaking sound – extremely loud,

And someone is hurt right now,

Perhaps their jaws crushed by a wild cow,

Or their left thumb slashed by a rusty plough,

The world is not safe!

I would think so and then dive into my cave,

But thank God my attitude towards that transformed,

And my anxiety and nervousness malformed,

And my approach towards it significantly warmed,

Today a siren reminds me that someone is helping another right now,

And that they’re helping them recover from their screaming vow,

Regardless of how,

Their condition spelt a death licence,

Then I approached this Idea of sirens as a sign for help as my new science,

A new encounter with sirens.


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