the lab of life

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I’ve been thinking of penning down this letter,

I hope this finds you bold and leave you greater,

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that all life is Experiment  and later,

 Affirmed that the more experiments the better,

You claim that you need to hike Everest but you won’t until you purchase that sweater,

That experiment can still be run void of that pipetter,

I may need to wear a lab coat all day,

To affirm this gem all the way,

We are all experimenters in the lab of life,

Whether it’s a joy ride or a strife,

It’s all fun since experiments never fail!

We’re all safe in the sail,

Since it’s all about collecting data,

Regardless of whether it’s alpha, gamma or beta,

Come on let’s take this all easy,

None of frustrations even when we’re all busy,

No suicide cases – simply drop the knife,

And let’s test the lab of life 🙂


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