“NO LIMITS: THE WILL TO SUCCEED” By Michael Phelps & Alan Abrahamson


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Recently I read the Book “No Limits: The Will To Succeed” By Michael Phelps & Alan Abrahamson. The two great astounding authors unleash incredible ideas that I’m sharing with you today. 

A brief recap on the two authors:

Michael Phelps is  an American Swimmer who holds the record for winning the most gold medals (eight) in a single Olympic (the year 2008). He has won sixteen Olympic medals, fourteen gold and two bronze. He holds seven world records and has more than twenty World Championship Medals.

Alan Abrahamson is an award winning sports writer and a recognized authority on the Olympics. He has served as a sports and Olympic’s analyst for the NBC television Networks. Alan won the 2002 National Headliner Award for sports writing and was named the Los Angeles Press Club’s 2004 sport’s journalist of the year.


No Limit’s. Anything is possible – is the basic idea. Most people thought achieving eight gold medals in one Olympic was pretty much impossible. Michael proved them wrong. Here are some of the main keystone ideas on how he did it and a practical application of how we can integrate this wisdom in our lives.

1. W.I.N (What’s Important Now?) Theory

In this concept, Michael and Alan share an idea that most people dictate their performance depending on how they feel. They focus on what they feel rather than simply showing up. Michael poses an incredible question: what does feeling like doing it has to do with it? 🙂

Michael Noticed that through his career most people who didn’t feel good about the intense training, conditions or so didn’t  perform well- ultimately. But not with Michael. It didn’t matter how he felt, he showed up.

Most of the time we’re too driven by our emotions and we’re often checking in and asking ourselves, “what do I feel like doing right now?”. That’s the dominate dialogue for most people – lot’s of the time and for- all of us – most of the time.

The key question here is “What’s Important Now?” It doesn’t matter how you feel, get your mind to where it needs to be so that you can take the action you need to take and just do it!

show up

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If I may rephrase Michael’s query- I could ask you: “Now What needs to be done?” What or how you feel should not be a determining factor or variable in what you do, wear the helmet of courage, let go of the bad moods and just do it 🙂

2. CAN’T Versus WON’T Theory

This concept reminds me of a high school debate I had with three of my close pals. We were on the edge of winding up high school chapter and we were really concerned on what to pursue in college. I asked one of my colleagues- named Jean, “You’re a geek in Math, Science stuff, how about you pursue civil engineering course?” Jean exclaimed: “Are you serious? That’s sounds pretty hard, I can’t do that!” This discussion went on and on but that’s a story for another day. 


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What’s the point? Most of the time we jump into ranting on what we can or cannot do without a careful analysis. Michael in this book asks, “Is it that you can’t or you won’t?”. I’m also tempted to assert, “Have you examined the consideration in the first place?” I can almost hear you saying, “I can’t attain that…I can’t study such a course…I can’t afford to…I can’t…I can’t…I can’t..”

Really? Perhaps you could attain the limits but it’s not necessarily that you can’t. The best thing to do from today is to eliminate “I Can’ts” IN YOUR LIFE! Like I always say, can’t is a tough word which can limit our capabilities. Kindly – always evaluate whether its that you can’t do it or the fact is that you’re NOT WILLING to do it.

Remember any one big idea can transform your life if you implement it. “No Limits: The Will To Succeed” is a book I highly recommend check it out and as always lets optimize and see you at the top where there is a lot of space for everyone 😉

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14 comments on ““NO LIMITS: THE WILL TO SUCCEED” By Michael Phelps & Alan Abrahamson

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  2. Great post and excellent writing. My father always used to say “I can’t means I don’t want to.” I always thought that this was so true. Attitude is everything. To say I can’t is surrendering before you even begin.

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    • Hello Kevin 🙂 Thanks for checking in here and leaving your comments. I concur that nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m – possible” 🙂 Attitude is the playground that projects the smokescreen! I’ve checked your blog and it’s incredibly awesome..and I’ll be back to check out some more posts. Cheers! 😊👍

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  5. Well done Vincent! I once read that the moment you say “I can’t,” it automatically shuts down your ability to by sending a message to the side of the brain responsible for carrying out the required action. The ‘can’t’ mentality is greatly limiting and detrimental to living a successful life.

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