The Secret


The Secret

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So invaluable than the rubies and precious stones,

A revelation to validate that you’re more than body,blood and bones,

And unravels the potent power of stepping unto the unknowns,

It’s super brilliance form glitters,

Like a therapeutic medicine which cures your blisters,

And rescues your soul from daily nagging fritters,

It’s spread all over the ancient scrolls,

Well acquainted with self automated controls,

Oh — you’ve no idea of the blessings it bestows!

It’s God within,

Who always put’s what it’s supposed to become in the thing!


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    • Hello Vincent 🙂 I’m humbled by your kind insights! Your blog is awesome, astounding and epic..I look forward to unearth your archives. Thanks for checking in here. Let’s keep optimizing and see you at the top. Cheers! 😊👍


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