Man In the Mirror

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The moment of truth has finally busted like a flower bud,

The raging agony within its blazing that it stuns,

A volcanic outbreak In Brazzaville mixed up with automated guns,

I’ve always got a scapegoat to play this weird re-run,

But I’m now all alone- no one is out there basking at the mid-day sun,

None to point at for my aching lungs,

Chain smoked all along and I still need to paint it to some serial Killer,

You never approve my love as a spouse and abound as my only pillar,

You’re simply a selfish overflowing river,

I’ve heard or had this all along for years,

Had a reason to explain for the source of my tears,

But — It’s time to face my fears,

I Stand on this and no more finger pointing,

No more complaining of anything disappointing,

The day is finally here and no more excuses & problem avoiding,

I know this hurts but I’m no longer faking it,

Yes–too bitter than bile but still am ain’t slaking it,

The man in the mirror you’re responsible,

For all your past deeds whether sensible or horrible,

As the Judge I rest my case and hold you accountable,

Wait,Didn’t you pull the trigger?

When it all happened I saw you release the quiver,

And all your body frozen in shiver,

But all ain’t lost and you’re still a Winner,

Mine the best out of you hence forth and stay determined to deliver,

I bet You’ve heard it right– The Man In the Mirror!

The Man In the Mirror

Photo Courtesy:


Music Credit: Michael Jackson – “Man In the Mirror”

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