Making Waves

Recently I featured the book Toughness Training for Sports by James E. Loehr (check out more of this gem in my E-Books). I’ve gone a stretch to check on his latest  Toughness Training For Life where Loehr unpacks awesome wisdom concerning the concept of making waves (check notes on the Toughness Training for sports). 

James affirms and I quote “Biological rhythms called ultradians pulse through us every 90 to 120 minutes; circadians pulse every 24 hours. Rossi believes that continuously overriding the body’s naturally occurring Australian and circadian cycles of stress and rest can lead to a host of serious physical and emotional problems.

These problems include everything from chronic fatigue to weakening the immune system, and from depression to poor performance…

Ultradian and circadian researchers refer to the habit of ignoring the body’s need for rest and recovery as endurance stress. Breaking cycles of stress every 90 to 120 minutes with 15 to 20 minutes of recovery fits the body’s natural needs best, Rossi reports. According to Rossi, these 15- to 20-minute rest breaks restore proper ultradian rhythms and, in so doing, are critical to physical and psychological rejuvenation and long-term health.”

We all know about our 24-hour circadian rhythms.

But what about ULTRADIAN rhythms?

Science says: Our energy levels naturally pulse every 90 to 120 minutes. If we ignore these rhythms (+ our 24-hour circadians!) and constantly override them, we’re unnecessarily exposing ourselves to what researchers call “endurance stress” and we’re likely to experience the consequences in the form of chronic fatigue, depression and reduced performance. Eek.

The solution?

Pretty simple: Make waves (!!) by training recovery via 15- to 20-minute breaks every 90 to 120 minutes!!

Work for 90-12o minutes then go for a walk, do a little work out, take a nap, meditate.

Whatever you do, oscillate! Train recovery.

Here’s to optimizing our ultradian rhythms!


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂


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  1. What about having casual talk with ur colleagues during the working hours and an occasional smile which takes u certainly out of the routine momentarily And such small n sweet moments matter more if the people around have mixed blend of gender😀😀😀

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