commitment and success


commitment and success

This is both exciting, thrilling and insightful because What I’m sharing today is one of the best ideas I’ve read this year! And if there is -but one blog post that you should share to your readers, pals, colleagues and family then let it be this gem unfolding right here 🙂 🙂

Most of us- (Yes, Most of us! ) are trapped in the hypnosis of should or shouldn’t do -most of the time. We are all kinda  indulging a self dialogue of whether we should or shouldn’t jump into the rolling stairs.

“Should I Blog today…?”

“Should I meditate today…?”

“Should I exercise today..really…?”

“Should I really write my project this week…?

“Should I ….Or Shouldn’t  I….?”

The bottom line is that we are always either 100% committed to undertake a task or less than 100% committed. According to my own mantra which I devised for my own life, “It’s always either a 100% commitment or nothing!!”


Few Months Ago I read Rory Vaden’s Book,Take The Stairs  and Rory shares practical wisdom that can be instituted in your own life right away 😉   

Rory affirms and I quote:

“Another illustration of the difference our simple choices can make comes in a powerful book by Mac Anderson and Sam Parker called 212: The Extra Degree. In the book, and a corresponding short video, the authors demonstrate the fact that at 211 degrees water is hot—but at 212 degrees it boils.

‘With boiling water comes steam; and steam can power a locomotive. It’s that 1 degree that makes all the difference,’ the authors say. They go on to illustrate the impact of 1 degree through several life examples.

I believe it is that 1 degree that is the miniscule, almost unnoticeable, nearly invisible, yet tantamount difference between choosing an attitude that says, ‘I’m not sure yet,’ and one that says, ‘I’m in for good.’ That is, one that asks, ‘Should I?’ versus one that asks, ‘How will I?’

This 1-degree difference of commitment distinguishes which people you can count on and which ones will flake out on you.”

This is from the second chapter on the importance of Commitment.

Rory walks us through what he calls “The Commitment Continuum” where our attitude varies from “I’m not sure yet” where you’re kinda sorta almost committed but still not 100% to “I’m in for good” where you’ve made a true 100% commitment.

When you go from 53% or 81% or 92% or even 99.7% committed to a COMPLETELY ALL-IN 100 (!!!!) % commitment, you quit being what Rory calls a “should-head.”


When you’re truly committed, rather than constantly asking yourself, “Should I do this?” (imagine hands wringing and a pained expression), you ask yourself, “HOW will I do this.”

There’s a HUGE difference between those two questions.

Here is the caveat: To switch to 100% commitment always ask “How..”

“How do I get Meditating today?”

“How do I fix myself to get started on my project today?”

“How do I get this Done!?”

Imagine something in your life that you’ve kinda sorta almost really committed to. Can you see how much time you waste negotiating with yourself because of your ambivalence?

Always checking in to ask yourself “Should I do this?” is like bringing your water up to 211 degrees. You might be pretty hot, but you’re not BOILING.

100% commitment

If we want to create extraordinary power in our lives, we need to add that extra 1 degree.

And the way we do that is through our COMMITMENT.

Switch your should to how and watch the water boil.

100 5 commitment


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂

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  1. Vincent, thank you again for more words of wisdom. I will be 75 years old in a couple weeks. My one reason for getting this far, putting out 100% commitment on everything in my life so far. I plan to continue this life pace for many more years. That missing 1% always leaves people wanting and searching.

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