This is awesome!! Opportunities could be knowing at your doorstep but you’re busy transfixed to a thick saturating warmth in your couch watching an awesome movie.  Wake up darling, it’s time to move! 🙂

Lucky enough, these opportunities are often staring back at you awaiting your action. I recently read the awesome gem of wisdom entitled No Sweat by  Michelle Segar, Ph.D.

Michelle asserts and I Quote:

“Finding opportunities to move (my close pal abbreviates this as OTMs, so I will too!) throughout the day is surprisingly fun. You’ll be amazed at how soon you begin to become aware of the free spaces in the day that present themselves and the surprising places that are conducive to movement. You may think that your day is crammed so full that you can’t fit in one more thing, but believe me: It’s not true. If you’ve got one minute, you’ve got time.”

Oh Yes!! It’s OTMs = Opportunities to Move!

Segar shares this great Idea in a chapter entitled “Count Everything and Choose to Move!”

Too often we think that anything short of a full-on, super sweaty 30-45-60 minute workout “doesn’t count.” Science says that, quite simply, is not true.


When we realize that everything counts, we can look for little ways to move throughout the day. Segar shares a couple dozen ideas on how we can find those OTMs and make it one big treasure hunt game.

A few fun examples: Take a “Long Cut” rather than a short cut by deliberately parking further away, taking a long walk to the grocery store, etc. Walk around while you’re on the phone. Take a “Boogie Break” and just have fun dancing to a song (this is one of Alexandra’s favorites!). Walk at the airport rather than just sitting there waiting for your flight. Turn your meetings into walking meetings.

Remember: Everything counts.

Fun Opportunities to Move are EVERYWHERE. Let’s find them! 🙂

keep moving


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂

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