The best way to starve a kitten is to deny it  food for few days. Words of my next neighbor, not mine, so kindly spare me the noose 🙂 . Ever wondered the best shortcut to weaken River Nile? Cut the source. I’m not advocating for escalation of global warming or distorting wildlife or environmental fuel. I’m simply asserting that this is the week to eliminate F.E.A.R. Those False Evidences Appearing Real ought to be cut off for good! Have an idea how this can be merged and stirred up to serve dinner? 

Few hours ago I had my silent hours as I gnawed wisdom from Grant Cardones’ book The 10X Rule

Cardone shares an avenue to embed a tight noose on Fears weak neck 🙂

Cardone asserts and I quote:

“I handle this dilemma myself by omitting time from the equation—since time is what drives fear. The more time you devote to the object of your apprehension, the stronger it becomes. So starve the fear of its favorite food by removing time from its menu. For example, let’s say that John needs to make a call to a client, a task that immediately causes him to feel anxiety. So rather than picking up the phone and making the call immediately, he gets a cup of coffee and thinks about what he is going to do. His lengthy contemplation only causes his fear to grow, as he imagines all the ways the call could go badly and all the potentially terrible things that could happen. If confronted, he’s likely to claim that he needs to ‘prepare’ before he makes the call. But preparation is merely an excuse for those who haven’t trained properly—and who use it as a reason to justify their last-minute reluctance. John needs to take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and just make the call. Last-minute preparation is just another way to feed the fear that will only get stronger as time is added. Nothing happens without action.

Fear doesn’t just tell you what to do; it also tells you when to do it. Ask yourself what time it is at any point in the day, and the answer is always the same: now. The time is always now—and when you experience fear, it’s a sign that the best time to take action is at that very moment. Most people will not follow through with their goals when enough time has passed from the inception of their idea to actually doing something about it; however, if you remove time from your process, you’ll be ready to go. There’s simply no other choice than to act. There’s no need to prepare. It’s too late for that once you’ve gotten this far.”

Have you noticed that fear feeds on time?!

That’s a REALLY powerful fact we want to pay attention to. Remember: Time is fear’s favorite food.


As Patricia Ryan Madson says in Improv Wisdom, we need to quit preparing and just JUMP IN!

In fact, her first 3 maxims in her book are “Just say YES!” + “Don’t Prepare” + “Just Show Up.” Amen.

Here’s another way Grant puts it: “Rather than seeing fear as a sign to run—as most other people do—it must become an indicator to go.”

That’s EXACTLY what The Tools, guys tell us in their great book.

They tell us that we need to see fear/pain as a signal that we’re about ready to grow. They remind us that our INFINITE POTENTIAL exists on the other side of our fears.

Knowing that, they tell us we *must* learn to “reverse our desire” and, instead of trying to avoid pain/fear/etc. we need to LEAN INTO it. We need to forcefully say to ourselves, “BRING IT ON!!!!” And then go do what needs to be done.

How about you. What are you afraid of?

Is now a good time to take a deep breath and just do it?

(Remember this the next time you find yourself “preparing” when you’re really just avoiding! Life changing stuff.)

face your fears


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂

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  2. I don’t need a clock to see how much time fear gets attemtping to control my decisions. I don’t need a clock or a stopwatch because I have absolutely no time for fear, it is left out of the equation.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog Vincent, hope all is well with you, take care, be well and blessed.

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