5 ways to unearth the missing link in success


I’m aware that this is the festive month, not in its entirety but, for the most part. With Christmas chorals painting color all around me, I can almost bet that adventure is the second mother nature as well. It’s time to take  break from our busy schedules and create time be with our own selves, our families and our Father* (the term Father here is translated from the Greek term πατήρ, πατρός, ὁ to mean *source*).

5 ways to unearth the missing link in success

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Few weeks slipped off my fingers but I’m back, hope you’re doing great and awesome as I am. On my short unannounced break, I had pretty awesome time having much A Do about Everything. I laid my hands on vast gems and distilled pure glistering content which I’m about to share with you today and presiding few weeks towards the eve of the new year.   

On 23rd September I made a pledge to extend the thread “5 WAYS TO UNEARTH THE MISSING KEY TO SUCCESS.” Today I partly fulfill that pledge. I’ll transform to a philosophical candidate for a minute and then wide up with todays’ nuggets. 


Last week I had a great time squeezing the evening breeze and perusing  James Stockdale’s book Courage Under FireIn this Artwork, James Stockdale highlights a comprehensive analysis of Epictetus (a Greek Stoic philosopher). In part, He says:

“Epictetus once gave a lecture to his faculty complaining about the common tendency of new teachers to slight the stark realism of Stoicism’s challenges in favor of giving the students an uplifting, rosy picture of how they could meet the harsh requirements of the good life painlessly.
Epictetus said: ‘Men, the lecture-room of the philosopher is a hospital; students ought not to walk out of it in pleasure, but in pain.’ If Epictetus’s lecture room was a hospital, my prison was a laboratory—a laboratory of human behavior. I chose to test his postulates against the demanding real-life challenges of my laboratory. And as you can tell, I think he passed with flying colors.”

Imagine that.

A lecture room more like a hospital than a spa—with teachers ushering their students out in pain rather than relaxed pleasure.

It seems the tendency to want to delude ourselves into thinking it’s all sunshine and rainbows is not a new thing. Hah.

The reality is we often need to perform a sort of surgery on ourselves. As Seneca tells us, it’s important to “Be harsh with yourself at times.”

We need to re-shape our minds and bodies and behaviors. And, obviously, that’s often painful. Reminds me of Jim Rohn who tells us we all need to pay the price. The question is, will we pay it in ounces or in tons?

Rohn on The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle puts it this way: “We all say that we want to succeed, but sooner or later our level of activity must equal our level of intent. Talking about achievement is one thing; making it happen is something altogether different.

Some people seem to take more joy in talking about success than they do in achieving it. It is as though their ritualistic chant about someday lulls them into a false sense of security, and all the things that they should be doing and could be doing on any given day never seem to get done.

The consequences of this self-delusion have their own inevitable price. Sooner or later the day will arrive when they will look back with regret at all those things they could have done, and meant to do, but left undone. That is why we must push ourselves in the present to experience the milder pain of discipline. We will all experience one pain or the other—the pain of discipline or the pain of regret—but the difference is that the pain of discipline weighs only ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.”

  • The Will to pay the price: The great oil billionaire, H.L. Hunt, was once asked the “secret of success.”He replied that success required two things, and 2 things ONLY. First, He said, you must know exactly what it is you want. Most people never make this decision. Second, He said you must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve it,and then get busy paying that price.

Brian Tracy dines in this concept by asserting that success has a price. To quote him, he says: “there is an interesting point about the price of success: it must always be paid in full-and in advance. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy, thin and rich.But most people are not willing to pay the price.” Are you willing to pay the price?

Think about it. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

(To be continued…)

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New year 2016 in Advance 🙂 !!


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂

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