IN CHARGE: Finding The Leader Within You By Dr. Myles Munroe (Part II)

It’s another enigmatic start off as we step in the sober soils and uncharted mines of the new year. A year of outwitting resolutions and charging towards the pivotal lens of rational actions and decisions, an embrace of change and  revolutionary standpoints.  

A new year is always an opportunity to make amends with unfulfilled destiny and a new chance to pick on the baton…bury the past, and move into a new future. Many questions still hang around the atmosphere of change. To take charge, however, demands rephrasing the queries which have exhausted our banish some of those…to reprogram and perhaps to craft a new questionnaire all together. I believe that it’s the right questions that we ask that creates a new sense of being, a new trail, a new perspective, a new dimension and ultimately, a new realm. 

It was in “Alice In Wonderland” when Alice was wandering around this “thicket” when she encountered the striped Cheshire cat and she asked the cat, “How do I get out of here…and which way should I go?” and the Cheshire cat asked her, “Well, where are you going?”…and Alice responded, “Well, I don’t know!” The Cheshire cat responds to Alice saying, “Then it doesn’t really matter what path you take 🙂 The moral lesson in this brief recap is that we need to carve a trail if we really thirst and hunger for change within us in this new year.

Today I’ll share part II of the simple practical nuggets from Myles Monroe gem “In Charge” (If you missed part I check it out Here”)

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is never aspire to attain or be jealous of another person’s position or achieve-ment in life until I know the price that person paid to get there”

~Dr. Myles Munroe

myles munroe


  1. Why Lead?
  2. This is My Spot: Go Find Yours!
  3. Jockeying for Positions
  4. It’s Greek to me: Out with Old Ideas
  5. Check the Reservations: Your name is on the Roll!
  6. Leaders are Made Not Born: Self Discovery is the Main Ingredient
  7. Prepare: The Tool Box of A Leader
  8. Train: Who Will come after you?

Before I highlight today’s keynote ideas, I would like to summarize Myles Monroe philosophical tenets in this entire book. First, he points out that every individual was born to become a leader. Monroe’s conviction is that everyone has a leader trapped on the inside. He uses the term “trapped” because most people haven’t discovered their true self. And so even  though they have a leader trapped within them, whether that leader emerges and becomes activated..and fulfills its assignment on earth, depends on the environment that they place themselves in; the information that they expose themselves to; and their ability to activate themselves by that information. Myles adds that you were born to lead but you must become a leader. Myles further affirms that you were created to lead in an area of gifting.

I know that this becomes intricate for people to comprehend because most of us aren’t sure what gift we have. Others become transfixed especially in instances where they have 4 or 5 of those. Well, at least I’m sure no one came to earth empty. Everyone of us came to earth with something. And that rare commodity it’s something that humans need. In other words, you were send to earth to serve your gift to humanity…and when you discover your gift, that produces your value. Lastly, Myles points out that authentic leadership is self discovery. (Check out the flesh of those philosophical pillars Here”)

We checked out Idea 1 &2 in part I (check out our collection Here”). Let’s jump straight in to Idea III.

IDEA 3: Jockeying for Positions

  • The Price- In this tenet, Myles points out that Leadership positions demands a price–the sparkling jewel– that makes those positions worth attention, the money and the prestige that comes along as by-products of acquiring them. To quote him, he highlights that, All true success demands a cost, and all great leaders have a story…the price of greatness is the price of the cost!” In rather a serious note, Myles confides that most people may observe your moves and trends and deliberately envy you without a second thought of the price you have to pay or the dire cost that you have to undergo to climb the ladder and be where you are today. 

“Leaders are known not by the medals in their chests but by the scars in their backs”

~Dr. Myles Munroe

  • Absolute Preparedness- Myles asserts that leadership requires preparation…and that the preparation is part of the cost. You have to prepare yourself for that which is prepared for you. 

That is deep!

If you look at leaders throughout history, they had to go through a process to accomplish greatness. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther Jr., were both born for greatness. But each had to pay a price. Like the princes and the princesses who will grow up in the king’s household and will inherit the kingdom, they had to be trained for leadership. Ultimately, each of them paid with their lives; each was assassinated for their causes. 

Now back to you. For you to get to your leadership spot, you too, have to prepare and pay the price, as Jesus taught. It is going to cost you. Just settle down, get ready to pay the price. No one will hand it over to you. 

  • To what extend are you willing to endure through aiming to win the packet of gold?

That question is an understatement. To effectively answer this question, Myles points out that you have have to pay with your life, well, yes –if that’s the catch! Not necessarily that we die, though there well be things in your life worth dying for, but that we serve to the world our gifts and that we are prepared to pay the price. Leaders like Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. ultimately did pay with their lives, as did many of the early Christians. 

The day before his death, Martin Luther King Jr. talked about the cup (mentioned in Part I Here”). He mentioned an earlier attack on his life when a deranged woman stabbed him, and he marveled at all he had been able to accomplish since he survived that threat. He talked about the threats that were still swirling in the air that day and some of the precautions that had been taken. Yet he chose to show up in Memphis an deliver a rousing speech on April 3, 1968, prepared to march for freedom the next day. 

Nearing the conclusion of that speech, he said that although he didn’t know what would happen to him with all the threats in his life, it didn’t matter to him. Even though he wanted to live along life, he’d ‘been to the mountaintop” and wasn’t concerned about longevity now. “I just want to do God’s will,” he said. 

The rest of that final speech, about seeing the promised land, is better known, but the main point is that he talked about  serving up his gift, and like Jesus, his life as ransom. 

Gandhi, the model for non violent protest that King used so effectively, had spoken of the cup as well. “There are many causes that I am prepared for but no causes that i am prepared to kill for.” He was aware of the price. 

To trend on several accomplishments the year 2015, there are many instances that I had to leave social media, my friends and even my family behind…only to find out that when you’re living a life according to destiny, it’s a single file…there’s enough room just for you. It comes a point when reality dawns on you that you may indeed need to cut off some indulgences which are so nice and pleasurable, to do things which are important. 

Perhaps your cup will merely be completing that graduate degree to teach at an urban college, practice medicine in Appalachia, or fight AIDS in Africa. May be it may require giving up a high salary  to enter the ministry or care for a dying patient. Maybe it will merely be to get up an hour earlier to give someone a ride to work or take a meal to a sick person. 

  • The price to serve- Back to part I when the Zebedee sons had confronted Jesus with their mother requesting for leadership positions. In response, Jesus said to them, “to sit at my right or left is not mine to give. These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my father.”

Myles coins an intriguing translation of this response. Jesus was simply saying to them that, “Look..I can’t answer those prayers…these positions I cannot grant…There is a spot in God’s kingdom that is designed just for you. It is a leadership position that no one else can get it. They can’t even pray for it…my father has already predetermined your spot!” 

Jesus affirmed that you cannot ask for leadership positions. There are positions that you were born to be in…designed by your Father* (the term Father here is translated from the Greek term πατήρ, πατρός, ὁ to mean *source*).

In summary, everyone has a position that is designed for them. Let me further quote Jesus, he said “These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared.” In other words,your leadership position belongs to once can take your place!

How sweet! 🙂

That relieved me of any jealousy or competition. The only key thing to do now is to focus, for your position belongs to you and no one can take your place!

The main point in this tenet is what transpired after Jesus concluded encounter with the Zebedee family (check Mathew 20:24). When the rest 10 disciples learnt what went down with James, John and their mother, they were angry, but not because those two guys went ahead of them, but because they didn’t think to ask first. It is called jockeying for positions.  

Jesus decided to have a leadership seminar right then. He called them together, and the seminar went like this, “Come, come…You know the leaders of this world. They like to Lord it over people. Control people. They like to oppress people. Exercise authority over people. But it shall not be so with you,” He said. Instead, whosoever wants to become great amongst you must be your servant.Whoever wants to be first must be your slave. 

A translation of what Jesus is saying to them is this: “The rulers of this world, in their desire to be leaders, love to lord it over people, and use them as rule over them and lord over them.” The term “Lord” means “Owner”. In other words, the rulers of this world like to believe that they own people. Jesus was simply saying that such approach is not leadership (but dictatorship).

Next verse. “Whosoever wants to be great,…(or) whoever (anyone) who wants to be great..(I can’t believe he said that 🙂 What he does is that he opens up the leadership potential to whosoever. The most interesting thing in this chapter (Mathew 20) is that Jesus dis not rebuke the Zebedee sons for desiring to be great.He actually did the opposite, he explained to them how to achieve it! (Did you ever noticed that!? Well, now you do 😉 So he knows what you want, but he is telling you this : don’t do it the way of the system. You don’t become great by oppressing people…degrading them and using them to benefit yourself.

He says that here is how to become a leader: you must become the servant over all men. Now, that was a contradiction to the Roman philosophy which affirmed that “they are leaders because people serve them.He was literally saying to them that an authentic leader is measured by the number of people they serve…and the more people you serve, greater you are he says. But He doesn’t mean for you to become an authentic leader you have to become a slave, or to become a subservient to humanity like a door mat.  The term he uses is “dulos” to equate to the term “servant” which literally means that, “I distribute myself to humanity…I serve my gift to the world.” That’s leadership. You become great when you find the gift that you have…born with…inherent in your life…and you decide to serve it to humanity.

Jesus Christ, who I consider to be the greatest leader that ever lived. Of course history has proven that. His legacy is 2000 years old and he is still an enigma in society. It seems as if the world is always intrigued by this figure which seems bigger than history. I mean, why would a man born in a little village and brought up in a minute village called Nazareth, who never left his home country, become so influential that History is measured by his death and his life? They actually measure B.C and A.D (Before Christ and After Christ). I’ve already answered you that question. Jesus served his gift so well that he can never be erased from history. Even though he was born in a lowly or “poor” background or culture as you would call it, he was so powerful and so strong in his exercise of himself that he has left a print on humanity that can never be erased.

Have you discovered your treasure? Mine your gift. I need to read your books, listen your melody music and watch your screen casts.

Take charge of the drivers wheel and navigate the path circumspectly. See you there 🙂


“The only precious stone left to mine within the hearts of humanity is to nurture the ability to see the Truth in a world where we have lost the sight of that in many ways”

–Vincent Wambua


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂

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