“Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final” By Robert H. Schuller

It’s both rewarding and exhilarating to venture in a soul searching read. Robert Schuller is breathing life to anyone cowering from fear of failure. Failure is the beast that forces our best synergies to be mobilized for the best part. Failure is a lulling baby that unfolds what could be– after all is lost. We often think that Failure is the worst bug that can transcend in our midst when we least expect it. I beg to disagree. As I take off from the prologue of this 21st century classical read, a new awakening brushes off my consciousness and a new rebirth converges within me.  This book has vast practical insights on how you can effectively replace, upgrade or revert your current ignition velocity and speed towards your ideals. Enjoy!

“It all begins when you decide you want to succeed”

           -Robert H. Schuller



1. Success or Failure

Define it!

2. The Ten Levels in the Evolution Phase of a Dream

Enjoy the process!

3. The four Tenets of Activating A Dream

Get involved!

4. 3 key steps in eradicating impossibility

Believe you can!

5. The Force that sets you free to Succeed

Seek it!

“Success–let’s not knock it; lets not block it; let’s UNLOCK it! But first let’s understand what success/failure is all about. Success or Failure is more than winning or losing because success is a  process. It’s more than what you read on the scorecard. Success and failure don’t stop when the game ends and the crowd goes home. For real success is in accepting your God- given opportunities and giving your divinely – inspired goals 110% of your best effort!”

-Robert Schuller – From “Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final”

Love that! Success and failure don’t stop when the game ends and the crowd goes home. For real success is is accepting your God- given opportunities and giving your divinely – inspired goals 110% of your best effort!

First things first- this book is a multidimensional arena of ingenious awesomeness! The core extrapolation of real life case studies and the vast soul searching self help tasks that Schuller poses to the reader makes it undoubtedly a classical life strategy gem that you may never wish to miss! As is the case with all great books, this one is packed with Big Ideas. I’m excited to share a few of my favorites so let’s jump straight in!

IDEA ONE: Success or FailureDefine it!

What is true success? Schuller, among vast other life strategists has extrapolated this aspect and highlighted variant propositions on this edge. Though various chronicles have been knitted through the ages around this whirlwind, the awesomeness in this debate seems to distill to a conglomeration of a converging spectrum which concurs that success is tied to a parabolical prospect which is huge than our daily pursuits.

Schuller points out that success has been misunderstood. 

So what then Is success?

Schuller aptly summarizes it in his 1st chapter. He affirms and I quote “Success is noblest when it leaves you with the self-respect that you have been a good steward of the life, liberties, possibilities, and opportunities that God offered to you..Success is building your own self-respect by affirming the dignity of your fellow human beings”

Schuller reminds me of Dr. Myles Munroe assertions in his book “Understanding your potential” where he points out that “success is the potential & destiny of all created things. Hence, success is the completion and the fulfillment of the original intend or purpose for your existence”

As per the proponents of both Shuller and Munroe, Success is not making lots of money. Success is not having a huge pretty house and a car –by a lake. Success is not having a lot of friends and thousands of accolades and lots of planks on the wall . Success is really pretty simple: its you discovering your purpose and completing it before you die. In other words, Success must be measured by why you were created. Success is therefore a purpose fulfilled. 

Success for the next 11 months is going to be you making another step towards fulfilling your purpose in life- why you were born.

So whats the true measure of success?

Success is not measured by what you have done compared to what others have done. This is exclusively significant since most of the time we compete with other people and because we do better than them we think we are successful. Success is hence not outwitting or outclassing other people. You can always find someone lesser than you– and hence converge to think you are successful. Therefore success cannot be measured by what you have done compared to what others have done. True success must be measured by what you have done compared to what you should or could have done. In other words the only parameter which can deduce how successful you are is you and God.

P.S: Success is not measured on how you compare with other people but on what you’re capable of doing yourself

And thats what 2016 is all about. 2016 Is not about you trying to beat other people to the punch. As a matter of fact, when you read the bible, the scriptures affirm that the race in Gods plan is not to the swift. You don’t come first because you’re ahead. The race is to those who endure to the end and finish what they started. That’s success. Purpose therefore is the key to success, finding your purpose and fulfilling it. 

If that is what success is all about, then what is real failure?

According to Schuller,real failure is:

  • Failing personally, not professionally!
  • Yielding to cowardice in the face of an urgent but risky venture!
  • Retreating from a high calling to a noble duty because you fear imperfection in the execution of that duty.
  • Protecting your pride from a possibly embarrassing professional failure rathert than promoting wonderful and worthy cause.
  • Demoting faith from the leadership of your life and promoting fear to a position of power.

Despite the aforementioned decorations, If you are, or have ever been, a failure, it never needs to be final!You can reverse your fortune and your future by changing your thinking!

Yes, this is success: To dare to dream the impossible dream with God and to give God a chance to make this dream come true!

Isn’t success fantastic? YES! And it’s yours to choose!

Choose it! Seek it! For success is Finding a need and filling it!Finding  hurt and healing it! Finding a problem and solving it!

~Success is never ending and failure is never final.

********To be Continued**************


“The only precious stone left to mine within the hearts of humanity is to nurture the ability to see the Truth in a world where we have lost the sight of that in many ways”

–Vincent Wambua


About the Author of “Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final”

Robert H. Schuller


Robert Harold Schuller (September 16, 1926 – April 2, 2015) was an American Christian televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author.

About the Author of This Note


Vincent Wambua is a lover of wisdom (aka a “Philosopher”) and a passionate student of life who’s committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people to live their greatest lives as he studies, embodies and shares the universal truths of optimal living. He harts his job.


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