“Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final” By Robert H. Schuller (Part II)

Recently I read the Book “Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final” By Robert H. Schuller. Last week I walked you through the tenets the book covers right from the prologue in regards to defining success. This weeks’ blog post picks the proceeds from  the Ten Levels in the Evolution Phase of a Dream. Enjoy! 🙂 

“Vast majority of high achievers made it because they wanted to! A passionate desire to achieve was a consuming drive in their life.”

~Robert H. Schuller



1. Success or Failure

Define it!

2. The Ten Levels in the Evolution Phase of a Dream

Enjoy the process!

3. The four Tenets of Activating A Dream

Get involved!

4. 3 key steps in eradicating impossibility

Believe you can!

5. The Force that sets you free to Succeed

Seek it!

“Success is an evolution, not an overnight  achievement; a journey, not a destination; an unending project, never a single, simple accomplishment that stands alone unrelated to the past and disconnected from the future. Success is a never-ending process of going through good times and bad, pleasure and pain, ups and downs, ins ad outs!”

-Robert Schuller – From “Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final”

Thats huge! Success is an evolution. The entire chapter two delves into the ten levels in the evolution of a dream where Schuller explores various approaches upon which the reader can dream their way to unending success.  I’m excited to share a few of my favorites so let’s jump straight in!

IDEA TWO: The Ten Levels in the Evolution Phase of a Dream

“I have observed that the successful achievement of a dream from conception to accomplishment evolves from level One Through Level Ten”

Level One: The Dream actually begins in the Mind of God

In this regard, Schuller shares his story after graduation and how he begin his ministry in Orange County, California. He ends the storyline by affirming that dreams that capture our imaginations and inspire our wills begin in the mind of God.

Level Two: God Matches His Dream to the Dreamer

The dreamer must be someone who will love the dream, even though it will make its dramatic entrance into that finite human mind as an awesome, impossible idea! In summary, the divine dream is delegated to a dedicated doer!

Level Third: The Dream Takes on a Life of Its Own

The dream now enters its gestation period. The dreamer becomes pregnant with what will become a new life. A beautiful new creation! God has given the dream a life of its own, like a fertilized seed which develops through many stages to become a human being about to be born. The success cycle is on its way!

Notice when success started. It had its beautiful beginning when the dreamer accepted the dream, when a human being welcomed the uninvited inspiring idea and embraced it as is own private possession! Success begins once we start to believe in the beautiful dream that God sends us. 

In summary: once a dream has been embraced by a fertile, imaginative, dynamic mind of a possibility thinker, in that very moment something new has come into existence!

Level Four: God Times the Evolutionary Process

The fourth dimension of a dream-in process is timing. Sometimes the gestation period is incredibly swift. More often it is geared to a schedule designed to teach the dreamer patience. 

In this context, Schuller poses a question: What is the single quality that more than any other identifies those who succeed? It is patience. Schuller further points out that  Impatient dreamers will look for painless shortcuts and cheap discounts on the price of success! And failing to spot the expedient paths, unknowingly, impatient dreamers will too often, too easily and too painfully turn away from the divine dream. Later, when it is too late, they will discover that in choosing the painless, easy road they were in fact going down a primrose path to boredom, shame, emptiness, failure, poverty. If only they had not been afraid of the discipline that the dream demanded! 

In summary: Sniff the times…enjoy the process…and take advantage of any availed opportunities!

Level Five: Surprising support comes from unexpected Sources

The dream which has begun in the mind of God and is deposited in the mind of a possibility thinker suddenly begins to accrue support from sources, centers and souls that the dreamer never knew before. The dream, like a mighty majestic magnet, begins to attract help from persona who are motivated to help inspiring dreamers achieve success. The persons with the right strengths, skills, and spheres of influence come from out of the woodwork to move the dream forward, onward, and upward!

At this stage of the dream God begins to build a team around it. People, power, and positive pressures will begin to move the idea from an impossibility to a possibility. We begin to witness the enormous mountain-moving energy that is generated when believing minds join to make a miracle happen.

Level Six: Temporary Setbacks and Difficulties Create Frustration.

By this point you were probably expecting final victory! Crowning achievement! Solid Success! Hold on–you’re not there–yet!

Carefully planned strategies may fail. All options may seem to have been used up. Has the dreamer failed? Not yet–he can still try again and again..till a breakthrough shows up! Failure is never final. Success does not need to end at this dismal moment of discouragement. It was in such a moment that Schuller writes, “when you think you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven’t.”

Level Seven: The Dream Comes True!

Stunning success is bestowed upon your possibility thinking, your patience, and your pain! You have arrived. The business is established. The career is firmly grounded. Now be prepared for surprises–and disappointments! Honors as well as hurts will come unsought and uninvited. At this level, it is up to you to apply prudence, humility and cautious vigilance to maneuver through any disappointments. This is not a ticket to boast in pride. It is a chance to utilize, mobilize and focus as a way of preparing for the next level. 

Level Eight: The Dreamer Has Been Shaped by the Dream.

Schuller points out various ways the dreamer is modeled by the dream. In summary, when you choose the dream, the dream will decide your destiny. The size of the  dream will determine how big a person you will become. 

Level Nine: The Dream keeps growing!

In this phase, the curtains opens to give a vision of tomorrow. The dreamer learns that great dreams of great dreamers are never fulfilled–they are transcended! Hence, they tend to propagate themselves. Success multiplies. It is never ending!

Having made the dream come true, you discover that success is not an end in itself, but a positioning in power for greater accomplishments and loftier achievements. This is the time to stop and reappraise your power. Review your assets. Subtract your liabilities from your assets and find out what your net worth is today—in financial terms.

You may be astounded by your strength. You have a power base for leverage against mountains that you never would have tacked before. You are in a tremendously powerful position to dream greater dreams. In addition, the people whom you have helped along the way will not let you quit. So be prepared for the tenth and final level of dreaming.

Level Ten: The Dreamer Enters the Danger Zone 

This is the perilous time. The dreamer is now in danger of not keeping up with a fast-growing,  forward-looking dream. The dream–like a growing child–is in danger of rushing ahead of him–as the scholar outruns the master, as the athlete outruns the trainer. The dream now is taking command. And meanwhile the dreamer wants to rest, retire–at least take a sabbatical.

When you reach Level Ten–BEWARE! TAKE CARE! And accept a new DARE! I dare you to start dreaming again!

Success ought to take proceeds through introducing new possibilities–sometimes in the form of new problems. Failure must never be final! Try again!

My Two Cents

Perhaps you’re in the process of maturing a dream, a school or a lifetime project, a calling or divine vision that you’ve set. Challenges ought to reinforce your faith to develop a conviction that winning is possible. Hence, Complaining, pointing fingers and giving up is out of the question. Remember this is your journey and success is not to the swift. Don’t try to compete with nobody because your success falls within the confines of fulfilling your purpose in life–why you were born. So Get back up and continue with the race that God told you to run!

The ten levels in the evolution of a dream reminds me of Joseph Campbells’ “The Hero With a Thousand Faces (check its review analysis updates soon). In this book, Joseph Campbell compares the philosophies and mythic stories of the whole world and he unravels that there is one story within all the stories that you can relate to regardless of your residence, color, size or gender–and he called it The Heroes Journey. The book quotes most of the discussed tenets within the  evolution of a dream where one faces various tests, magical helpers come along, at times the hero comes to a crisis point, meets a goal…and then there is a return to tell the story. 

Since this blog is not about mythology and Joseph Campbells’ analogies, I’ll pause and check on that soon. Hope you enjoyed! And have an awesome week! 



About the Author of “Success Is Never Ending-Failure is Never Final”

Robert H. Schuller


Robert Harold Schuller (September 16, 1926 – April 2, 2015) was an American Christian televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author.

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