“You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Can we make ourselves the Placebo and create the change that we want? That the central tenet of this life strategy raw gem. Basically, when people think that a pill or an injection or a surgery is going to be beneficial to them, they experience the benefits they thought they’re going to get. In this regard,a placebo is always as effective as the actual pill. If then, a placebo can induce a healing effect without actually taking the actual drug, injection or so, can we make ourselves the placebo? I adore raw undistilled knowledge. I adore books which whisper chunks of life strategies without taking turns. This week I’m sharing key concepts that you may need to refer to for the rest of your life. Plain awesomeness, no sugar coating, no hide-and-seek games, no additives or flavor, just pure truth–and truth indeed that you are the Placebo. 




1. The Epigenetic Engineer.

 Thats what we need to become. 


To become the placebo?

3. To Become our optimal selves

We need to Ride on Brain waves 🙂

 Basically this was a great read. I’ve read this book 4 times already and I’m not yet done. I’m wanna hang in there for a while, synthesizing, analyzing and diffusing these concepts 101.  Lots of awesomeness in here. So let’s jump straight in!



“The word epigenetics literally means “above the genes.” It refers to the control of genes not from within the DNA itself but from messages coming from outside the cell—in other words, from the environment…

Epigenetics teaches that we, indeed, are not doomed by our genes and that a change in human consciousness can produce physical changes, both in structure and function, in the human body. We can modify our genetic destiny by turning on the genes we want and turning off the ones we don’t want through working with the various factors in the environment that program our genes. Some of those signals come from within the body, such as feelings and thoughts, while others come from the body’s response to the external environment, such as pollution or sunlight…

Epigenetics suggests that even though our DNA code never changes, thousands of combinations, sequences, and patterned variations in a single gene are possible (just as thousands of combinations, sequences, and patterns of neural networks are possible in the brain).”

—Joe Dispenza from “You are The Placebo”


The word literally means “above the genes.”

Truly extraordinary stuff.

Until very recently, scientists believed that our genetic code was fixed. We now know that, although the DNA code itself never changes, our thoughts and behaviors and environment can “turn on” or “turn off” different sequences in the code—resulting in extraordinarily different EXPRESSIONS of that genetic code.

The most powerful way to see this simple fact in action is to look at genetically identical twins later in life. If their genetic code PREDETERMINED outcomes, the twins should look identical at 90 years old like they did at 9 days old, right? They should suffer from the same illnesses, etc.

But that’s not the case. Research reveals again and again that identical twins can have the exact same genetic code, but very different outcomes.

Why? Because they made different lifestyle decisions throughout their lives. The little things like what they ate, what they thought and what they did accumulated. Decades and decades of tiny little (epigenetic) tweaks to their genes led to dramatically different results.

Now, what’s really cool is that you don’t need to wait decades to see the results.

Research unequivocally shows that we can change our genetic expression in a matter of months (and even after just one session of meditation). (<—That’s awesome.)

This is at the heart of how you are, in fact, the placebo.

By KNOWING that you can change your life and underlying neuronal structure and genetic expression while engaging in new thoughts, behaviors and emotions, you can dramatically change your life.

Joe puts it beautifully: “Now you can understand that whether it’s joyful or stressful, with every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every event you experience, you’re acting as an epigenetic engineer of your own cells. You control your destiny.”

Here’s to standing above our genes and engineering their optimization!

******************************To be continued****************************

As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone 🙂

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