The POWER to THRIVE: Key Practical Success Principles to Empower You to Breakthrough in Life Extremes! (By Vincent Wambua)

I recently published my new book The Power to Thrive in Amazon and I’m thrilled to share the fundamental tenets of the basic ideas that I majored on. The book largely centers on an intensive two decade research that throws a telescope lens on an area that we’ve been overlooking as we seek to optimize and pursue greatness both at a personal and global level-Nature. I’m a Paralegal Forensic Scientist and I study divergent spheres that touch and influence humanity, so it was inevitable that I will become interested in nature and environmental dynamics. The book seeks to unravel the success principles that enable nature (both Flora and Fauna) to flourish and thrive in the land of the extremes that push life to the limit. (Get the book here)

the power to thrive book


1. The Research

The relevance of key ideas.

2. Constant Change and how to adjust and Optimize

Real time changes in 2017 that necessitates the utilization of the ideas. 

3. Highlights of key principles detailed in the Power to Thrive

A brief breath into the life transformative principles.

While undertaking the research tabled in this book, I read over 200 self-help books, screened over 70 books on nature and wildlife and synthesized over 1000 journals written in regard to Flora and Fauna and documented key principles that stood out and enabled some animals to thrive while others such as dinosaurs were phased out. I also looked into the animals that were driven at the edge almost at the verge of extinction such as the giant Panda in the jungles of North Eastern China in early 1990’s and what principles they exercised to turn their population statistics around from almost less than 30 to the present day  1,864 giant pandas as noted by an international panda organization (more details here). 

As I delved in this research attributed to the previously tabled references, I was shocked to find out that no documentation shows how man, as a prerequisite element of nature can deploy these principles that are daily exhibited by nature around him to tweak his performance and rise in scale in his quest to pursue greatness. I was further amazed that what’s happening with most people in the 21st Century is that we’re more focused on selective aspects such as Meditation and shaping of habits that we overlook practical principles that our original teacher-nature is constantly attempting to demonstrate right before our eyes. Not that these aspects are not essential but there are other aspects that we can blend them to create a more significant and optimal life. When God created man-Adam, he placed him on the original reference that’s best for him-Nature (The Garden of Eden). Nature is the original reference to mankind’s well-being. The original reference maintains order in life. 

Why is order so essential? We are living in a harsh environment of global economic crises, family disintegration, political confusion, ideological reinventions and economic interdependence and to solve these challenges we need to seek our solutions from an area, different from where we are drawing the solutions that are in place and currently failing to solve these issues in the first place.  As I write this, vast concerns are looming the USA political aura as President Donald Trump announces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control (as reported by Fox News here). Also, Concerns over Donald Trumps narcissism and in line with his leadership were among pertinent issues that were raised by the USA today magazine in May this year (more details here). On June 30th, the last 4 days, both the Guardian and the CNN highlighted that Donald Trump had declared that his patience with North Korea is over (More details here ). These assertions are presented as North Korea advances their plans to build a missile and nuclear weapons. In South Africa, ANC head of policy renewal Fikile Mbalula has proposed major changes in the ANC constitution the last 3 days, which, if approved, will overhaul the party’s Constitution(more details here). In the Middle East, as reported by Aljazeera,  in a bid to end the Gulf rift, Turkey Troops touch down on Qatar in the eve of the New month.This is just a tip of an iceberg of the political threats and global disillusionment that are unfolding each day. The secret of success in these moments of uncertainty and confusion is going back to the original reference-Nature.     

The book charts a systematic study of key practical principles that you can begin to utilize today to make the most of your talents and gifts in the midst of a harsh aura in the modern 21st Century. I begin the book by introducing the essence and influence of our environment to our aspirations and dreams. Every creature and plant of the jungle knows how best to utilize the resources in its immediate environment for it’s survival and to thrive. I also touch on the aspect of our digital environment which is constantly bombarding us with tweets, notifications and distractions and how we can navigate through to make the best of our potential. Your environment sculpts your perceptions. Your perceptions molds your mindset. Your mindset creates your future. 

I further highlight a systematic documentation on how to curve your arena in life. Research shows that only less than 10% of the worlds population are following their passion. The worlds population is approximately 7.5 billion people according to the global census organization (details here), so you can do the math of how many people that are wandering around in the wild while playing the game of chance with destiny. Your purpose to be born should take precedence regardless of your current pursuits. In this book I document how you can finally pick the lost trail and make your way to your purpose that will matter most at the end of your career and at the end of your life. 

There are other vast aspects that I strongly feel that you should grab your copy in Amazon and spare 2-3 hours and make a lifetime difference by tapping into my two decade research and ignite your potential to become the best-version-of-yourself. The success principles were so deep and engaging that I felt it best to split them and compile a volume 2 series that I’m currently writing. I hope that this book will grant you the keys to thrive and become the CEO of your world as you extend to the source energy around you (Get the book here).  I’ll be highlighting updates on when my next book will be out. Follow me in Amazon otherwise you won’t know when my next book is published (Check out my Amazon author central Profile here). 

“If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is Nature’s way.”
-Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

Few hours before I began writing this a colleague who read my book was so thrilled by the spark of my message that they made a video review of the book.  I’m honored to share the video with you here. 

Here is to learning the key principles that we learn from nature and riding on their wings through the tempestuous winds of the current hurricanes of life.


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone :)

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