Begin again

Sometimes we fail or stumble and our efforts to continue with our lifetime projects wanes. It’s like all of a sudden an hail rocks our heads unexpectedly forcing our dreams and plans to stick in a rut. I have had my share of painful experiences in the past too, but i simply disciplined myself, shook the dust and moved on.

We all know the pain of losing – not only a project, a prime goal or a loved one but also a passion. Sometimes the heat is so vigorous that we even lose meaning to live another day. Painful nerve wrecking memories keep on replaying in our subconscious minds. We recall the painful ordeals and those who hurt us. Sometimes we even cast a stone of blame on them. We commence blame games, criticizing and gossiping. We feel that other people or circumstances are responsible for our experiences. We feel powerless.

The worst bit is that we ruminate on these negative thoughts over and over. We tend to forget that we have the power to control our experiences from now and still we can begin again and change the course of our lives. I’ve met pals who narrate their past ordeals and encounters such as divorce, separation or death of their spouses. Others have even penned down how these circumstances have shaped their current ideal lives. But most of these encounters have a missing link. They omit the version of the story of how they have charged towards these encounters to take charge of their destinies. They forget that the power is still within- the power to begin again.

People who worship the past will remain in it. We all need to forget the past and forge forward in life…and that includes erasing negative pasts too. The course of your life and the result’s you’ll achieve on your path to countdown to your destiny largely depends on what you do today – at the present moment. What you do now dictates what’s your future experiences will be.

Magical experiences begin to unfold when we realize that we are no longer victims but creators of our lives. Where you are now and your current experiences can somehow be traced to something you did or said in the past. Though some experiences may seem to have spiraled out of control, today you can still let go and take control of your life.

Cast off the blames and recall that you are no longer a victim but a creator of your own experiences. A victim in this case can be defined as a passive individual who thinks and feels that their outside world is the cause of their emotions and experiences.

Despite your painful encounters in the past, the only viable path to move on and create a better world within you and around you is to find a way to be proactive rather than being a reactive being. Take control of your life and sit at the drivers seat. From then on you can navigate towards your dream and your vision. This is a perfect approach in creating the things you want to see in your life instead of reacting to things happening around you.

Learn to let go of the past. Why would you ever replay a terrible memory again and again? Its like streaming a terrible movie and watching it over and over again. Today God has given you another day of LIFE, not to look back and stick there, but to thank him for the lessons learnt. Deploy these memories as a navigation map with warning signs of what mistakes to evade in future.And if the past derails you big time, remember that , God takes all of that and conforms it into the program and keeps your purpose in LIFE going…in other words, your mistakes are NOT more powerful than your purpose!

We need to learn to focus on our future and let go of the past. You can begin again. Begin moving towards your destiny today!


8 comments on “Inspirational

    • Wow. Thank you, John!! I deeply appreciate your kind words and support and I’m thrilled we’ll be optimizing together even more. The fun has just begun. Let’s do this!! 🙂



  2. Well? My dear brother, you have been doing some reading my way! Guess what? This post? The truth about hanging on to our paths, not two ways about it, but? to stop the cycle by our own power & decision making? Only a temporary fix.

    Even so? The truth about the core of our troubles? That’s the truth about our human nature talked about in John 8:32-44.

    There is no way that our human nature can perform to set us free from our own selves. That’s really the core of the human troubles & tribulations. Only the Son can set anyone free.

    And when the Son sets one free? One is free indeed! Permanently & forever! That’s my testimony of our Father/Creator within my being. 🙂


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