Personal Diary

Bewildered at wonders of nature

Mesmerized young deer

It’s 4:45pm EAT at Serengeti National park. Nothing at all is at ease. A herd of wildebeests fleeting their path towards the far east. Rattle snakes secretly creeping away in a bid to trap their snare. An owl perching at a tall Arecaceae tree, silently watching…gasping and aiming at their next meal. It’s the life at the jungle.

Some serenity always flows both within and around me in auras as these. I love wildlife. I feel at ease, my beautiful consciousness permeating within me like ripples. I almost instantaneously transcend to a more glistening being – my face brightens and sorrows fade away.

I haven’t mentioned how marvelous the sunset was. Fleet of geese color the sky moments to sunset. Warm sun rays hit my pulsating skin. Ain’t it not intriguing to simply adore life and nature? It means more to life. To simply appreciate your niche and the air you gasp unconditionally every moment of life.

My notebook was almost half full. Every feeling and thought that crossed my being was now in paper. It’s predators world. Some strike without warning…others move at a gliding speed…or attacking ways you never thought possible. Each possesses a special tactic that makes it a prime predator..hidden weapons.

The most astounding news is that most of these venomous predators don’t simply glide around hunting human species..but don’t go around provoking them! The African rock python for instance is perfectly capable of attacking and killing people..even adults..after all, this massive predator can weigh up to 135 kgs and grow up to 6 metres..making it almost impossible to fight off…armed with it’s strong muscles…slow, this is one of the most feared serpents in africa.

It’s huge, it’s toxic…and it’s incredibly fast. In a bust of speed, a black mamba can slither in astonishing 5 metres per second…that’s faster than most people can run! But the mamba possesses an even more impressive skill, something that makes it an even more successful hunter. This 3.5 metre snake can lift half of it’s body off the ground and leap unto a tree. The mamba tastes the air as it devilishly slithers skyward…it’s targeting it’s prey at the toughest of the branches.

Most people look for snakes under foot, so a serpent that strikes from the air is especially dangerous…orchard workers need to look for more than just roots when they roam around leafy branches.

Lessons well learnt within the four corners of my room. I’m a national Geographic maniac. 🙂


3 comments on “Personal Diary

  1. It’s easy to lose yourself in the pages of a National Geographic magazine. The photographs and stories have a way of pulling you into a world outside your own.

    I’m going to now look up and see what a The African rock python and Black Mamba are as I live in Southern California, USA. The only wild life we have are the occasional coyote and bobcat and some hiking remoter areas, might come across a mountain lion and some rattlesnakes.

    Visiting for the first time,


    • Helo Sandi 🙂 I love wildlife and I’m so thrilled by your insights! Much regards that you paid a visit. Your blog seems really interesting too and I look forward to digging into your archives.Thank you for stopping by my blog and breathing life into it 🙂 You’re welcome! It’s my honor to be in your followers list! Cheers! 😊👍


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