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Recently I addressed the tenets of living each day with purpose and meaning. Through the two classical gems of wisdom The Message of a Master  and  Man’s Search for Meaning,  the two authors unpack incredible wisdom on how to reprogram your life and narrow it to focus (check out our growing collection  Here ). The last 48 hours I bumped into Eric Maisel’s book  Rethinking DepressionEric unravels a “shortcut” to making each day flood and thrive with meaning. (I deliberately placed the term shortcut in italics)

Eric affirms and I quote “… something like a method or set of principles does flow from the existential ideal. It sounds like the following: You weigh your actions against a vision you have of the person you would like to be, the person it would make you proudest to be; you take action; you learn from your experience to what extent you guessed right; and you make use of what you’ve learned as you weigh your next decision. We can give this a shorthand name: the principle of personal pride. You use the principle of personal pride to make your meaning. This may be the beautiful, imperfect, harrowing way — the way of making meaning.”

Joseph Camphell

You want a shortcut to making meaning?

Here it is:

  1. Imagine who you would like to be—the person it would make you proudest to be.
  2. Act like that person.
  3. Repeat.

Yes, that’s a very challenging standard. Yes, we will often fall short of it. But by returning to this ideal again and again we make meaning and, in the process, we create our most authentically awesome lives.

So, let’s get on that.

What would the person you would most like to be do in this moment?

Let’s make ourselves proud!

The meaning of life


As always,Let’s Keep Optimizing and see you at the top where there’s enough room for everyone🙂


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